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MRF Tyres ranks highest in the J.D. Power Asia Pacific Customer Satisfaction Survey 2003.

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MRF Muscleflex synthetic fabric reinforced belts are supplied in a comprehensive range with optimised constructions. MRF Muscleflex belting finds application in various industries like Ore mines, Stone quarries, Ports, Thermal power plants, Steel / Cement / Fertilizer / Paper / Chemical plants and many more.

Belts are available in any width up to 2000 mm. Belts less than 750 mm in width will be manufactured and delivered in equal lengths.

Cover Thickness
Covers are manufactured for any required thickness. The selection of top and bottom cover thickness would depend on the loading cycle, material and need for balanced constructions.

Cover Grade
Cover grades for applications as shown in table below, in accordance to International standards, like IS 1891, BS 490, DIN 22102, AS 1332, JIS K 6322 etc. are available.

Tensile Strength Elongation at Break Maximum Abrasion Loss Polymer / Rubber Working
General Purpose Mpa % Minimum MM3 Degrees
N or N17 or RMA II 17 450% 180 NR - 45 to + 50

For moderately abrasive materials such as Rubble, Sand, Super Phosphate, Bone, Coal, Ashes, unslacked lime, cement, bauxite, chalk, cement, Readymix & earth.

Y as per DIN 22102 20 400% 150 NR - 45 to + 50

For abrasive materials like crushed stones, ROM coal, gravel, earth, sized coke, timber etc.

M or M24 or RMA I 24 450% 125 NR - 45 to + 50

Highly abrasive material like large size Ore, crushed metallic Ore, Granite, Limestone, Coke, Cold clinker, all types of slacks, sandstones, chipping, quartz, broken glass gravel etc. Also for stackers and reclaimers.

X as per DIN 22102 25 450% 120 NR - 45 to + 50

Materials mentioned for grade M and material having sharp cutting edges like crushed glass, granite, slacks etc.

SAR or W as per DIN 102 18 400% 90 PBD Blend - 45 to + 50

Extremely abrasive material such as cold clinker, cold sinter, mortar, hardrock, etc.

SAR+ or A as per AS1332 17 400% 70 PBD Blend - 45 to + 50

Extremely abrasive material such as cold clinker,cold sinter, mortar, hardrock, etc.

E as per AS1332 14 300% 150 NR - 45 to + 50

For materials likely to generate static electricity like grain, coal etc.

Cut & Gouge 26 450% 110 NR - 45 to + 50

For handling large and sharp edge materials requiring superior reistance to cutting, gouging and abrasion.

Heat Resistant
HRT1 12 350% 200 SBR Blend + 100 Max for Fines

For hot materials such as crushed cement, foundry sand, fertilizers, clinker, coke etc.

+ 125 Max for Lumps
HRT2 12 350% 180 SBR Blend + 125 Max for Fines

For hot materials upto 150 deg. Centigrade such as crushed cement, foundry sand, fertilizers, clinker, sinter, slack, coke etc.

+ 150 Max for Lumps
HRT3 12 350% 120 EPDM + 150 Max for Fines

Very hot & abrasive materials as above upto 200 deg. centigrade

+ 200 Max for Lumps
Oil Resistant
OR 15 300% 150 NBR Blend - 30 to + 60

For materials like grains, refuse, woodchips, fertilizers coated with oil, coated coal / coke, etc.

MOR 12 300% 300 NBR Blend - 30 to + 50

For materials with moderate amount of oil like grain, refuse, recycling waste, wood pulp, pinewood etc.

Fire Resistant
FR 17 400% 200 SBR Blend - 30 to + 50

Coal - above ground and open cast mining.

Coal - Power generation.

Oil & Heat Resistant
OHR 15 400% 180 NBR Blend + 100 Lump

For hot and oily materials such as Coke Plants, Hot Fertilizer etc.

OHR+ 13 400% 180 NBR Blend + 150 Lump

Very hot and oily material such as Asphalt.

Note:1) Values mentioned above are minimum requirements. Actual values may differ.
2) Working Temperature & application are recommendations only. Customer may deviate depending on actual conditions.
3) Above is subject to changes with change of process, technology etc.
4) Values not mentioned can be obtained from MRF, if required.
NR - Natural Rubber
NBR - Nitrile Rubber
SBR / PBD - General purpose synthetic Rubber.
EPDM - Ethylene-Propylene Dimonomer

For container shipments, belts are wound on steel cores. Outer surface of belt roll is covered with rubberized fabric and sides are covered with plastic corrugated flanges. For break - bulk shipments, belts are packed in wooden drums with MS flanges and tie rods on sides.

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